Old Carrick Mill is an Artisan Distillery,operated from an old flour mill dating back over two centuries and lies quietly nestled into the rugged landscape of Ireland's Ancient East in Carrickmarcoss Co. Monaghan.

At the Old Carrick Mill Distillery we use age old Irish traditions combined with modern efficiency and methods to create a product steeped in Irish heritage and unique flavors. Our spirits are handcrafted by our master distiller using only the finest carefully selected ingredients fused with our naturally filtered spring water which flows to us through the famous limestone of County Monaghan.


There is an old saying which goes 'From Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen there are more rogues than honest men'. The famous lines written by a local priest about an incident that took place in Carrickmacross on a Fair Day.

A young man was in a bar in Carrickmacross on a fair day drinking, when later that day he was arrested for being drunk. When he appeared before the court the Magistrate asked him what did he have to say for himself, He claimed in his defense that someone had put whiskey in his tea. The Magistrates then said "From Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen there are more rogues than honest men" in later year the famous  Irish poet and novelist Patrick kavanagh from inniskeen immortalised the saying.

The Makem & Spain Brother also have a version in regards to this event.
Seamus Moore later released the song "Whiskey in my tea" to mark the event

About Us!!!

Old Carrick Mill is the First Distillery in Co.Monaghan, Ireland in 157 years and we are proud to be taking this craftsmanship back to the local area. We are based on the grounds of the Old Derrylavan Flour Mill this is by no mistake this site is what make us and our spirits so special. 

The Mill has been built on the Famous Limestone in the area that filters every drop of the water we use in our Gin and Whiskey, the Limestone takes out any impurities and leaves us with our unique taste and ultra smooth finish.

Small Batch and Hand Crafted 

Every-thing we do is done with care and percision , We distill in small batches (500L) so we have total control over what goes into our spirits and what cuts we take out. Every bottle is hand filled, signed and numbered to give you that personal touch.

"The French Connection" With the Limited Edition Barrel's

We have traced the History of the mill back almost 300 years to find link to Barton and Guestier vineyard Bordeaux French. On celebrating this historic link B&G are sending us 50 of their 350 litre French oak Chateau Magnol barrels to age our Whiskey in. These barrels are going to form the founder reserve if you would like to purchases one of these barrels please contact us.